Hello! I am Maria. 
A dreamer, design lover and mentor at ADPlist.org
I connect visual design with user experiences to achieve
incredible business goals.
I am a Product Designer in love with UX/UI design and bringing user experiences to life. I enjoy doing research, validating my proposals through user testing, and facilitating brainstorming workshops as much as parties. 
Graduated in Design for Advertising in an analogic world, but have developed my career in a digital one, which allows me to understand visual design as good as storytelling, and user experiences. 
Based in The Netherlands since 11 years ago, I have had the chance to work with clients from all over the world and I have helped many brands create and improve successful digital products.
I enjoy the work from agencies such as Sagmeister & Walsh and admire UX designers like Pablo Stanley. 
In my free time looking for myself in a different location, I am always travelling and exploring new cultures, getting inspired, hiking or tasting new food.
What can I do?
Product Design
User Interface design
User experience design
Workshop facilitation 
Digital Design 
Branding & Identity

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